Alimony in Pennsylvania is a further source of income after a divorce decree has been entered. Alimony is generally used to create economic justice between the parties. There are many factors that are utilized to determine alimony. The factors consider the type of alimony, conditions on alimony, duration of alimony and who should pay alimony. Not every case involves alimony. Even after a court has made a decision regarding alimony, there are times where that alimony awarded may be modified. There are many aspects regarding the conditions of alimony, basis for modification of alimony and reasons for termination of alimony.

Alimony and the receipt of alimony can be a hotly debated topic. It is a good idea to have an attorney help out in these situations.

At Zamborsky & Zamborsky, we look at the individual in the case. We look at your case and determine how those alimony factors apply to you. We focus our practice in the Greater Lehigh Valley area which includes Lehigh and Northampton Counties. In every case, we evaluate whether or not alimony should, or could be, involved.

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