In many cases, children and a dependent spouse may be entitled to support to allow them to maintain their lifestyle.

Child Support:
Child support is support for children. It is used to provide for the basic needs of minor or dependent children. Child support may include other costs and expenses that parents incur for their children. The determination of child support is based upon net (after tax) income of both parties. The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania has handed down guidelines to determine this type of support.

Spousal Support:
This type of support may be awarded upon separation of the parties, but prior to the filing of a divorce action. An award for spousal support may be denied upon showing of marital misconduct on the part of the dependent spouse. Marital misconduct may include infidelity or abandonment.

Alimony Pendente Lite or APL:
This type of support may be awarded to a dependent spouse after the divorce action has been filed. Support may continue until a final divorce decree has been entered and/or until all financial issues have been resolved. It is used to enable the dependent spouse to support himself or herself while the divorce action continues. Generally, there are very few defenses against an individual’s entitlement to APL.

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